The Christian Counseling Center hereby adopts the following as its Statement of Faith:

  1. We believe that the eternal, invisible God has shown Himself to us by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, in flesh. We further believe that this Jesus lived, died, and rose from the dead for our salvation.

  2. We believe that the Holy Spirit, the gift of the love of the Father and the Son for each other and for us brings forgiveness of sin, reconciliation with God, and healing of the deepest loneliness to all who ask in faith for this redemption.

  3. We believe that the prayer of Jesus on the night before He died that all His followers might be one in faith and love is still being prayed at His Father’s right hand. Therefore, we believe that Christians of different denominations who in this time sense an urging to pray together and reach out together to the lost and the hurting are giving special witness to our Lord’s expressed will that His followers come into greater unity with one another.

  4. We believe that the inspired Word of God, the Bible or Sacred Scriptures of the Judeo-Christian tradition, not only reveal to us who God is, but also who we are and who we are meant to become from His perspective. Among other things, this means that these ancient wisdom writings contain countless insights which, when personally accepted and taken to heart, will bring increased emotional as well as spiritual well-being to the believer.

  5. We believe that the Holy Spirit anoints contemporary believers with the gifts of counsel, wisdom, discernment, etc. which enable them to administer inner healing with unique effectiveness to those suffering from emotional and psychological ailments.

  6. We believe that, since all truth is ultimately God’s truth, insights, approaches, and techniques derived from contemporary psychotherapies, when found compatible with Scriptural viewpoints on human personality, can also be employed in the service of the alleviation of mental or emotional hurt.

  7. We believe that, since God’s love always heals, both therapist and client must draw their hope for healing from constant prayer. We also believe that they must seek to base their relationship with each other in the compassion and caring of Christ, who never stops calling us to love and serve one another.