Assistant Director: Cheryl Fusco, RN, APRN, BC
Cheryl has worked at the CCC since 1985. Her areas of speciality include: effective communication, codependency, anxiety, depression, trauma/abuse survivors, and inner healing prayer. She works with adults individuals, couples, and those with chronic mental illness.

"I worked eleven years as an RN in a hospital setting on a medical floor and almost thirty years as a nurse clinician in adult mental health. The transition from medical nursing to a mental health counselor grew out of my own personal relationship with God. I have experienced in my own life how a consistent prayer life and drawing on God's love can bring healing, forgiveness, and ever-deepening grace to love God, neighbors, and self. The Holy Spirit brings us to know God personally and, with our permission, will begin to remove blockages in our hearts that make it hard for love to flow in and out. It is a privilege and a blessing to work at the CCC where we are free to seek God's guidance and healing love for each person who comes seeking help. May God be glorified!"